Who is The Opal Butterfly?

I am, little old me! I created The Opal Butterfly to give others hope, trust, and faith, that with hard work, comes rewards, but I don't necessarily mean material rewards. I mean rewards of inner peace, transformation, becoming enlightened, accepting your journey on this Earth plane, understanding, knowledge, things that are priceless, things that money simply cannot buy!

All this can be achieved by simply healing, and being "open" to possibilities, looking at the "whole" picture and not just certain sides/angles.

After a a marriage breakdown, I felt a calling, a calling to go within myself, learn about "who" I was, to then emerge and share my experiences with others, and hopefully awaken them of their own choosing. Hence The Opal Butterfly.

This was what I set out to do, and here I am now, I'm still on my journey, and now I am spreading the "word" in hope that others will hear my call.

"I am a spiritual person living in a human body, not a human body with a spirit" - Bob Proctor.

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