What is Reiki?

Reiki, pronounced ray – key, is a form of “hands on" healing. Reiki when translated means “universal energy”, everything around us is made up of energy , and it is a practitioner's role to draw upon, and channel this energy into the client. The energy is channelled in and around the clients auric field, as well as the “laying on" of hands onto the physical body if at all necessary, from this point any negative energy or blockages will be worked upon and then removed from the body, ensuring the chakra centres are also cleansed of any blockages and are open working in sync with one another.

Ancient Japanese symbols are also used during the healing process, these symbols are sacred and have been passed down from generation to generation of practitioners, however please trust in your practitioner that these symbols are used as and when necessary during the healing process. Reiki is not a religion, but it is a powerful tool for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and can be used to treat anything on any level, and is an effective method of maintaining a balanced well-being.

Although Reiki is physically a gentle procedure, it actually works on a deeper level where there may be deep mental and emotional blocks or imbalances which could possibly be the cause of any physical problems.

Once a client has received a Reiki treatment, the healing can trigger the body to go into a detoxification process. This is nothing to worry about, if anything it shows that the healing received is working, helping the body to release any toxins or

negative energy it does not want. Sometimes clients have reported a change in sleep patterns, or for example, if the body is getting rid of stress this usually shows in the form of headaches, runny nose, nausea, diarrhoea and especially tiredness, all these symptoms can be due to the releasing of toxins. All negative feelings are short lived, however it is important that they are accepted and to drink as much water as you can following and for several days after a Reiki treatment. I would also like to inform you that it is very common for clients to get teary during and after treatment, again this is normal, especially as tears are the

body's own natural way of healing oneself. Other clients have mentioned feeling happy, content, and have even

found themselves laughing more than usual. Please be assured this is all perfectly normal. During my healing sessions I do work with Crystals and incense as this all helps to boost the energy within my therapy room, as well as the Crystal’s using their own healing energies on clients. My aim as a Reiki Master Practitioner is that you leave your treatment feeling relaxed, and more importantly at peace within yourself, as when you are at peace with yourself, this is when the healing really can kick in and reboot your system. 

Reiki is not a quick fix therapy and you may need several treatments to really see/feel the benefit. Remember it took time for your body to tire from everyday stresses, therefore it will take time to bring it back into a positive mindset and general well – being.

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