MY STORY......

I first became attuned to Reiki back in 2007, for me at the time it wasn’t so much the healing I was interested in, it was more about opening myself up to spirituality, New Age as it is also referred to. As a child I had always had a sense, knowing that there was more to life than what was physically in front of me. I found it hard growing up as I felt at the time that I was having to endure the process I had already been through so many times before, I used to get upset sometimes when adults around me wouldn’t talk to me about “adult things" such as my Grandma dying of cancer for example, I was young, but I fully knew and understood what was happening, I knew she would eventually have to leave us and return to the spirit world, but how does a child explain that to an adult? I would have so many deja vu moments I couldn’t quite comprehend it all, so in the end I must have subconsciously switched off from spirit. 

As I got older my mum would mention to me she was going to visit a medium or clairvoyant, it always fascinated me, but I couldn’t remember why, but eventually over the years my curiosity grew and grew, I had to know more, I had to know why I was so drawn to the spirit world, why did I feel so connected to it. Back in 2004 I met a dear friend who helped me get back on my spiritual path, Jo was open to spirit all the time, she was part of a spiritualist Church which in time she introduced me to. She also introduced me to my first Reiki Master Teacher, with whom I completed both my Reiki levels I & II with in 2007. 

At the time I was more interested in developing my spirituality, finding which path I felt was the right path for me. I would spend time with Jo and we would hold groups where we would help her go into trance and bring spirit through, on occasions spirit would just come and sit with us for healing, all sounds very crazy doesn’t it, but it's also true in what they say “seeing is believing”. I discovered that as much as I loved developing my psychic abilities, my heart belonged with healing, I’ve always loved and enjoyed helping people so I decided to focus more on this, hence qualified as a practitioner in 2007. I took a break from the spiritual world for a while, the demands of life were taking over which couldn’t be ignored, so I left my spiritual side for a while, however they never left me, and waited patiently till I was ready again. After a marriage, baby, and then a divorce, I found myself once again on my friend Jo's doorstep, who again helped me get back in tune and where I needed to be. In October 2015, I studied my Reiki Master qualification, and it was Jo who attuned me to this, it was a truly magical experience that she and I will always share. Sadly Jo passed away a week after she attuned me, Jo had been fighting Cancer, and even though she was struggling, she still made sure she got me through to being a Reiki Master Practitioner. I owe a lot to her, and even though I know she is with me, during a lot of my healing, I still sorely miss her. 

This is my journey so far, I’d love to welcome you for a treatment with myself, and if not right now, maybe in the near future. 

Love, Light, & Many Blessings,

Rebecca xxx

Reiki Master Practitioner

The Opal Butterfly

Alternative & Holistic Therapies 

Please note: All information is private and confidential, I am not a qualified medical professional, if you need medical advice you should always seek advice or guidance from your Doctor or GP surgery. Reiki is not to replace any medical advice or prescriptions, it is to work alongside your current medical regime.